Business Planning

Price Analysis for Sourcing and Procurement

This course examines the various aspects of pricing that are keys to effectively controlling the organization’s supply management operations, examining those elements operating in the market that... (Read more)

Market Research for Sourcing and Procurement

In this course, you will learn how to conduct market research to identify qualified (or qualifiable) suppliers or contractors that can meet your organization's requirements. The course includes an ... (Read more)

Business Strategy Design and Implementation Methodology (8hr Course)

This is the ideal training course for a CEO, Executive, other management team member, or corporate development department (strategy) staff. This aides those who must help design the vision for the ... (Read more)

High-Impact Business Planning Course

Your business plan should help you achieve self-sustainability not hinder it! Too many business planning tools build a big bulky plan which does little to help you organize the day-to-day operatio... (Read more)

Brand Positioning - Creating Your USP - Video

This video assists business owners and marketing resources in creating a focused message to communicate their story to their target customers. (Read more)